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Every story has a beginning, lets not forget. Ac Hampton the founder of Supreme Ecom Mentoring started in 2018 learning and mastering the skill of dropshipping/e-commerce. From hitting 1.8million in 6 months the first year, to $475,000 averaging a month in 2020.

He examined the market, and realized that their was a gap in authenticity in the industry, which caused people to struggle in reaching the same success he had achieved due to dropshipping and the business model becoming saturated with other online entrepreneurs.

Our Supreme family network has given our team the skill and global reach to work with brands of every size without limitation, as well as access to unmatchable tools, knowledge, and strategies from experts in every corner of E-commerce & digital marketing. We can not wait to embrace you with open arms with what is to come.

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Hi, My name is Alex Hampton.

A self-made entrepreneur, consultant, mentor, and 8 figure business coach whose mission is to help you launch and scale your own e-commerce empire.

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Proven strategy for driven individuals looking to create a sustainable passive income through dropshipping and creating an profitable e-commerce brand

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