KJ was able to utilize the step-by-step videos within the Blueprint Course in order to maximize the sales that he was generating on his online store to hit almost $10,000 in online sales in less than a month!

Taylar S.

Taylar was able to generate $30,000+ on her online store in just 2 months of working with us and learning our strategies. She had her own clothing boutique that we were able to help her learn how to scale!

Amrit S.

Amrit saw a jump in his online sales after following our specific guidelines of product validation to help him find a product that was a winner and that we could help him scale!

Jai D

Jai was able to generate almost $2,000 in his first 5 days of using our testing methods to maximize off of products that are working for you right from the jump!

Breana S.

Breana was able to generate over $3,000 in a day while reaching a milestone of $16K in ONE WEEK as a complete beginner to dropshipping!

Maria S.

Maria was able to increase her online sales to $7.7K+ a month after previously only hitting $1,000 is month when first learning. Consistency = growth!

Chris P.

Chris learned how to take full advantage of the trends that happen throughout while working with us to help him scale his store to over $23,000 in just 2 1/2 weeks!

Tommy N.

Tommy was able to hit $913,000+ after working with us and creating a brand surrounding his product! He came to us as a beginner and has now been able to quit his 9-5 and take e-commerce to the next level!

Kachi E.

Kachi was able to generate over $74,000+ while working with us for just one month and learning how to run his online business profitably!

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